With a network of over 30,000 native Japanese language specialists — located both within Japan and around the globe — we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality translation, interpreting, and general language services — leveraging the best of what both automated and traditional approaches can provide.

Our cumulative experience in a wide range of industries, commercial sectors, and creative fields gives us the flexibility to conform to each project and its unique requirements, either through collaboration with clients and third-party agencies, or by providing fully-managed engagements and end-to-end support.

With notable clients/projects including the Yokohama City municipal government, several major Japanese television broadcasters, and the multi-award-winning 2021 film Drive My Car, we have an established track record, and look forward to including you on our list of future accolades.


MTPE (Machine Translation + Post Editing)

With undeniable benefits in terms of both cost-effectiveness and turn-around afforded by the advance of automated Machine Translation, we have established a support team that caters to the specific requirements of this novel translation process. Combining technical expertise with traditional industry experience, our MTPE service ensures that your project will benefit from the best of what both artificial and human intelligence can provide.

  • MTPE from multiple languages* into Japanese. (*full details available on request)
  • Full integration of Memsource, memoQ, Trados, and other industry platforms.
  • Native Japanese translators with a minimum of 5 years industry experience.
  • Project oversight from a coordinator with a minimum of 10 years experience.
  • Proven record with major E-commerce enterprises and translation partners.



Translating, Interpreting

Despite the exciting potential presented through automated translation methods, there are still many instances where there is simply no substitute for a dedicated human translator or interpreter. With a curated network of over 30,000 native Japanese language specialists in numerous locations throughout the world, we are able to provide support in more than 130 different languages, through a combination of online and in-person services.

Offering a vast cumulative knowledge bank in a diverse range of fields, our agents provide clients with the combination of expertise and flexibility required to conform to each project and see its full potential realized — enabling you to reach a new audience, a new market, and a wealth of new possibilities to be found in Japan.


Other Language Services

With previous engagements in Video Production, Desktop Publishing, Text Input, Design, and Transcribing, we cater to a diverse range of industries, sectors, and creative needs, including (but not limited to):


CORPORATE : Annual Reports | Meeting Materials | Financial Statements | IR | Corporate Governance | Business / Investor Correspondence
LEGAL : Contracts | Submissions Documents | Certificates | Rules and Regulations | Licenses
MEDICAL : Academic Manuscripts | Conference Materials | Instruction Manuals for Medical Equipment / Devices | Sales / Promotional Materials | Reports
IT / COMPUTERS : Manuals (Hardware / Software) | Catalogs | Guidelines | Specifications | Design Documents | Manuals (Work / Maintenance / Instruction)
INDUSTRIAL : Specifications | Design Documents | Manuals (Operation / Maintenance / Service)
PR / MARKETING : Press Releases | Presentation Manuscripts | Newsletters (Internal / External) | Intranet News / Announcements | Catalogs | Business Profiles | Websites (Localization)
HR / EDUCATION : Training Materials / Manuals | Educational Materials / Manuals | Teaching Materials
PUBLISHING : Fiction / Non-fiction | Business / Self-Help Books | Magazine Articles | Newspaper Articles / Editorial
ENTERTAINMENT : Video (Production / Localization) | Video Games (Localization) | Transcription and Subtitles | Dubbing


Our network of Japanese language support specialists provides a vast wealth of experience and technical expertise in countless fields, so if you’re looking for high-quality engagements catered specifically for your project and its unique requirements, get in touch and let us see how we can deliver on its full potential!



With notable clients and projects including Yokohama City Government, major Japanese TV broadcasters, and the 2021 Cannes Film Festival award-winner “Drive My Car”, we have an established track record, and look forward to including yours among our future accolades.



Simple content (eg.SNS) General content Highly professional document
Major European languages
(British English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc.)
Japanese => Target language US$0.10 US$0.12 US$0.16
Target language => Japanese US$0.19 US$0.21 US$0.29
Minor European languages
(Dutch, Russian, Slavic and Nordic languages, etc.)
Japanese => Target language US$0.11 US$0.14 US$0.18
Target language => Japanese US$0.21 US$0.23 US$0.33
Middle-eastern languages*
(Arabic, Persian, Hebrew.etc)
Japanese => Target language US$0.15 US$0.16 US$0.20
Target language => Japanese * * *
Korean and Chinese Japanese => Target language US$0.08 US$0.10 US$0.14
Target language => Japanese US$0.12 US$0.13 US$0.17
Asian languages – Roman characters
(Tagalog, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Mongolian, etc.)
Japanese => Target language US$0.11 US$0.15 US$0.16
Target language => Japanese US$0.23 US$0.30 US$0.38
Asian languages – Unique characters*
(Thai, Lao, Khmer, Burmese, etc.)
Japanese => Target language US$0.12 US$0.15 US$0.18
Target language => Japanese * * *
Subcontinental languages*
(Indian languages including Hindi, Nepali, Bengali, etc.)
Japanese => Target language US$0.14 US$0.16 US$0.20
Target language => Japanese * * *

* Price is base on Target (Japanese), due to the difficulty in word counting.


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