Kigaku-International Fortune Telling: October 2022UPDATE:2022.10.6

Nine Star Ki Feng Shui, Fortune Telling for October 2022. Use the fortune of your star for your daily guidance.

Find out your Star

Ki Chart

First, find out your star by checking the chart to the right. Go to your birth year and  find out your Ki number, then see the bottom chart to find the corresponding Star. That is your star.
Keep in mind that Nine Star Ki uses the Chinese solar calendar in which the spring season begins around February 4. Therefore, people who were born in the period from January 1 to the first day of spring (February 4) are considered to have a star of the previous year.

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Each star’s characteristics

Overall fortune in October 2022

There are four months left until the end of 2022. You should review your goal for this year within this month and get rid of what you don’t need. When you do so, you should listen to opinions of people around you in a gentle and cheerful manner, and go slowly. In addition, you should get rid of your internal resentment, anxiety, and discontent as well as what you don’t need.
Enjoying yourself will also bring you good fortune this month. If you are inclined to complain about something, you should go to a restaurant to have something good with your like-minded friends, and recuperate your brightness.


1White Water

You will see a positive sign in your daily life this month. There will be new movement, and you will feel motivated and happy. However, you will face a difficulty at the same time. You are likely to have a difficulty when something new starts. In other words, having a difficulty is a sign that something new is about to start. So, you should believe that “you will be able to develop yourself” no matter what difficulty you face. Then, you will be able to develop yourself greatly.

Lucky color in October: blue


2Black Earth

September was a month of challenges for you, but the challenges will take a shape in October. You should deal with things in a confident and composed manner, and try not to repeat the same mistake you made in the previous month.
Helping people will lead to your good fortune, If you are asked to do a miscellaneous task, you should take it as a good chance. If you get stray, you should consult with trustworthy people, and accept their advice amenably. Even if something unexpected happens, you should respond to that sincerely to enhance the credibility.

Lucky color in October: green


3 Blue Wood

It is important for you not to move around in October. You should settle yourself down, look back at the last several months, and revise your future policies by making a choice. When you do so, you should judge things based on whether to please your supporters, customers and the disadvantaged.
It is important to have conversation with your family and coworkers. Don’t get angry even if you are told what you don’t want to hear. You may come up with a good idea by talking with them.

Lucky color in October: yellow


4 Green Wood

You will be busy because you will receive small and big requests and invitations. In particular, you should never fail to accept requests from your superiors.
October is a month when you should raise your ability. To raise your ability, you need to know your actual ability first. Reflect on yourself calmly, and consciously make up for the deficiency. If you work on the requests sincerely, your ability will be raised. You should do your best especially in the first half of this month.

Lucky color in October: gold, silver


5 Yellow Earth

Building a good relationship is more important than anything this month. Since the persons you are to be involved with this month would be the persons who can encourage you to mature, you should listen to them carefully. If you listen to them, thinking you would be able to learn from them, you will surely become aware of something. You should talk with them gently and smilingly. Showing your gratitude will increase your fortune. Try to find something that will please them.

Lucky color in October: pink, orange


6 White Metal

This month will be a month of change for you. People from 6 White Gold tend to strongly object to what they can’t consider right, but the change in this month is a message from God, so you should accept any change without objecting strongly. If you wouldn’t accept the change, you should try not to be involved with it. In particular, if you are in a superior position, you should not be involved with a turmoil.
If there is no change, you should make a change by yourself. Try what you can change — changing your glasses, redecorating your room, etc.

Lucky color in October: ivory


7 Red Metal

You may have a change that you’ve never expected this month. If something goes away from you, that will be a good sign. You may feel sad if something important for you leaves, but something you really need will come back later. So don’t worry about that.
You will stand out by being praised or appreciated in October. You will get attention this month, so you should care about your appearance. Also, you should be careful about your behavior. You will be envied by people around you, so don’t forget to give full consideration to them, and stay cheerful.

Lucky color in October: red, purple


8 White Earth

This month will be the month of the lowest fortune in the year. Don’t cool down your body too much. If you have a pain in your joints, don’t work too hard. If you keep lifting up your spirits, you can stay healthy and fortunate. This month will be a month when you get troubles in human relations. People from 8 White Soil are likely to be considered as arrogant even if they are having daily conversation. Try to speak gently and cheerfully not to be misunderstood. Your fortune will increase quickly by studying calmly.

Lucky color in October: white, black, gray


9 Purple Fire

Your fortune will rapidly increase in October. Even if you are a little disappointed, you should dispel the disappointment and move on positively!
The coming year will be a year of declining fortune that comes once every 9 years. But people from 9 Purple Fire will have a period of good fortune just before the next year (from October to December), so you should make the most of this period. If you help each other in the circumstances and coexist with them, you will be able to make the most of the period of good fortune. You should respect women’s opinions.

Lucky color in October: brown


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