Kigaku-International Fortune Telling: November 2022UPDATE:2022.11.5

Nine Star Ki Feng Shui, Fortune Telling for November 2022. Use the fortune of your star for your daily guidance.

Find out your Star

Ki Chart

First, find out your star by checking the chart to the right. Go to your birth year and  find out your Ki number, then see the bottom chart to find the corresponding Star. That is your star.
Keep in mind that Nine Star Ki uses the Chinese solar calendar in which the spring season begins around February 4. Therefore, people who were born in the period from January 1 to the first day of spring (February 4) are considered to have a star of the previous year.

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Each star’s characteristics

Overall fortune in November 2022

You should continuously get rid of what you don’t need this month. In November, you need to change the basis of what you are. You will find that you need to change something you have taken as the basis. If there is a change to get rid of what you don’t need, you should accept it instead of refusing it. Then the change will be your new basis.
If you study or get information, you will not make a wrong judgement. Let’s positively get through the change!


1White Water

You will come up with an idea and try to do a new thing this month. Things that come this month are more likely to continue for a long time, so you should earnestly respond to them. Having said that, however, you should focus on achieving your goal without stretching yourself too thin.
Don’t be depressed even if you are not recognized for your effort. Your fortune will increase if you don’t care about other people’s derision and fend it off. Since your efforts will surely bear fruit, you don’t have to change your principle. Try to have contact with people in a gentle manner.

Lucky color in November: green


2Black Earth

You should deepen what started by last month and human relationship this month. The deeper the human relationship becomes, the more chances you will have.
Also, you should not actively take actions this month. Try to respond to matters brought in. If you put a mark on a request from people around you or what you want to fulfill, you will be able to respond to that with the greatest care. If you find someone who is grieving or suffering, try to be considerate of his or her feelings. Showing your empathy to them will encourage the person most.

Lucky color in November: yellow


3 Blue Wood

You will enter an active phase you have waited for, and realize your are alive this month. However, you should not be too willful. If you explain why you take the action or what perspective you have to people around you, you will get cooperation from them. Also, you should be punctual.
Whether you are strict with others or you can be strict with yourself will make a difference in your future fortune. Try to have a large capacity to embrace people around you and spend time quietly.

Lucky color in November: gold, silver


4 Green Wood

“Pleasure” will be a key point this month. Give your attention to how pleasantly people around you can spend their time with you. When you do so, your cordiality will be the key. Your effort to understand the other person’s feelings will nurture your cordiality.
If you can speak to even unfamiliar or estranged people in a cordial manner, the relationship between you and the people will be improved. The pleasure will be doubled by deepening the human relationship.

Lucky color in November: pink, orange


5 Yellow Earth

This month will be a month of change for you. Unreasonable things are likely to happen, but you should put up with them for 3 months. Try not to make a trouble by overreacting to them. In the long run, it would be better for you to amenable to the flow. The change will be your own change called self-growth. Try to be conscious of developing a clear sense of perspective for finding positive things in negative events. It’s important not to have your own way in everything.
Replacement of furniture and room makeover will bring you good fortune.

Lucky color in November: ivory


6 White Metal

This month will be a bright gorgeous month for you. It is expected that you will have more opportunities to appear in public such as receiving a compliment, being recognized for your effort. You will get attention from your surroundings, so you should keep yourself groomed. It’s important to get dressed properly.
However, your inner thoughts are likely to be unstable this month. Be careful not to be emotional and argue with other people. Try to find strengths of other people instead of shortcomings. If you can respect the differences of each other and share the same goal and aspiration with many people, you will be able to produce great results.

Lucky color in November: red, purple


7 Red Metal

Your fortune will decrease most this month. Be careful not to cool down your body because you are likely to disturb your health this month. Human relationship is also likely to be cooled down. If you had a quarrel with someone last month, you should obediently apologize to him or her. The more difficulties you have, the more chances you will get this month. Even if you have difficulties, your difficulties will be spontaneously removed by devoting your entire attention to what you should do. The deeper the difficulties are, the more development you will have in the future. So just stay calm.

Lucky color in November: white, black, gray


8 White Earth

This month will be the month of the lowest fortune in the year. Don’t cool down your body too much. If you have a pain in your joints, don’t work too hard. If you keep lifting up your spirits, you can stay healthy and fortunate. This month will be a month when you get troubles in human relations. People from 8 White Soil are likely to be considered as arrogant even if they are having daily conversation. Try to speak gently and cheerfully not to be misunderstood. Your fortune will increase quickly by studying calmly.

Lucky color in November: white, black, gray


9 Purple Fire

Your fortune will rapidly increase in October. Even if you are a little disappointed, you should dispel the disappointment and move on positively!
The coming year will be a year of declining fortune that comes once every 9 years. But people from 9 Purple Fire will have a period of good fortune just before the next year (from October to December), so you should make the most of this period. If you help each other in the circumstances and coexist with them, you will be able to make the most of the period of good fortune. You should respect women’s opinions.

Lucky color in November: blue


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