Each star’s characteristicsUPDATE:2022.1.30


1White Water

They are communication experts. They are kind and good at following other people’s leads, which may become a characteristic that can be easily swayed by the opinions of others or atmospheres around them . However, their internal personality is stubborn. They look kind on the surface, but they never change their will. They tend to have concerns and worry about something.


2Black Earth

They are always busy but slow at doing things. However, they have a good fortune when they are slow. The key to good fortune for them is making steady efforts. Making steady efforts will develop themselves, cultivate human resources, and increase their assets. They are good at saving something, but they tend to feel more and more dissatisfied, so they should try to accumulate their skills.


3 Blue Wood

They are bright and active. They talk a lot and can’t stay still. They are curious about everything and always go after new things. On the other hand, they tend to be easily bored. They are good at entertaining people around them but bad at guessing other people’s feelings.


4 Green Wood

They are adaptable to people. Their first impression is outstandingly good, and they can get along with any kind of people. They are good at connecting people and harmonize them. On the other hand, they tend to please everybody, so they are stressed out and become selfish in front of their family. They should stop talking in a tone of command and try to create a refreshing atmosphere.


5 Yellow Earth

The star is located in the center. They have a presence. They want to be always in the center though they aren’t conscious about it. They think a lot in their mind, but they are not good at expressing their ideas in words, so they look unpleased. However, they are the most affectionate in Nine Star Ki, and they are reliable if you have them on your side.


6 White Metal

They tend to be direct about anything. They don’t like having roundabout routes, so they say what they thought soon without thinking deeply. They have a strong sense of justice. They are capable, so they tend to ask other people for perfection. The key to good fortune for them is being generous to other people. The kinder they become, the more successful their life will be.


7 Red Metal

They are adorable. They are a little careless, but that’s their charm. They are good at both talking and listening to others, and good at building a good relationship. However, they tend to be dissatisfied with something, so they might screw up their life if they have more critical thinking. The key to good fortune for them is living happily.


8 White Earth

They tend to move forward on their goal. If they don’t have any goal, it would be hard for them to take actions. So, it is most important for them to have their goal. As long as they have a goal, they can go anywhere. They tend to look back at their past, but they should learn from the past rather than regret what they did. It is especially important for them to value their parent-child relationship.


9 Purple Fire

They are the most brilliant in Nine Star Ki. There are many beautiful men and women in this star, so they tend to be proud of themselves and particular. They have a thinner skin than you might think, but they don’t show that and put up with it. They are easily warmed up but just as easily cooled down. They like being alone, but the key to good fortune for them is acting with someone.


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