Kigaku-International Fortune Telling: March 2022UPDATE:2022.3.4

Nine Star Ki Feng Shui, Fortune Telling for March 2022. Use the fortune of your star for your daily guidance.

Find out your Star

Ki Chart

First, find out your star by checking the chart to the right. Go to your birth year and  find out your Ki number, then see the bottom chart to find the corresponding Star. That is your star.
Keep in mind that Nine Star Ki uses the Chinese solar calendar in which the spring season begins around February 4. Therefore, people who were born in the period from January 1 to the first day of spring (February 4) are considered to have a star of the previous year.

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Each star’s characteristics

Overall fortune in March 2022

You should think about the way to achieve the goal you set last month. Please check if the way is right or not carefully. Once you follow the right way, you will find a door to the next step, but it is not easy. Never give up and keep working hard, even if you meet with strong opposition.
The atmosphere in the world will be grim in March. So, you need to be warm-hearted. Take actions that make yourself and people around you happy. Then, you will surely see the light of hope.


1White Water

The more efforts you make, the more troubles you will have this month. It is important for you to answer the requests from people around you or learn what the people around you are thinking this month. If you get a conflict of opinions, you should make a concession. You can find a right way by making a concession. If you think your opinion is definitely right, you should ask your opponent to make a concession instead of using justice as a weapon. If you are in need, you should consult with trustable persons.

Lucky color in March: brown, yellow


2Black Earth

You will be extraordinary busy this month. You might be asked for doing tasks with a heavy responsibility by a supervisor or an influential person. Even if you feel pressure, you should accept the task. Then your skills will be improved by accomplishing it. Don’t feel nervous. If you feel that’s too much for you, you should consult with people around you. You will be successful if you focus on thinking about which part should be helped by them in what way.

Lucky color in gold, silver pearl


3 Blue Wood

You should listen to others carefully this month. You will get options you will never think of, if you listen to other people’s opinions, telling them your goal. You should value the conversations with your friends and family members as well as those with business associates. Please be careful not to talk too much about you because you will lose chances to listen to other people’s opinions if you do so.
You tend to be poorly prepared in March, so you should develop anything carefully. If you want to start a new thing, you had better avoid doing that this month.

Lucky color in March: pink, orange


4 Green Wood

You are likely to have a bad change that is inconvenient for you this month. You can see the way you should take by following the change. Don’t rush, and follow the change slowly. If you don’t have any change, you should make a change by yourself. Rearranging your room is recommended, Just cleaning your room is okay. If you are depressed, you should talk to your family. Talking with your mother will make you relaxed.

Lucky color in March: ivory, beige


5 Yellow Earth

You are likely to be irritated this month. Please be careful because you will get into trouble if you become emotional. If you can stay calm, you will notice something important. Your brain will be clear this month, so you will come up with a lot of ideas. However, you ideas will be gone easily, so be sure to make a note. The ideas will be important in the future. When you make the goal clear, you can see the right direction clearly.

Lucky color in March: red, purple


6 White Metal

You will have difficulties with a sudden change from the last month. You should check everything, even a thing you think is right because you tend to make a wrong decision in March. Even if you are right, you will be in a big trouble by insisting your opinion. The trouble in this month will continuously have impacts on you, so you should definitely avoid having a big trouble. You should listen to the person you are talking with and explain your idea politely. Also, you should be careful about keeping yourself in shape.

Lucky color in March: white, black, gray


7 Red Metal

The difficulties you’ve had until the end of February will leave and you will see hopeful signs this month. You will have many offers that don’t matter to you, but you will find a way to choose by responding to the offers. Please don’t decline the offers because whether you accept the offers or not will determine your fortune in the future. Accepting the offer that gives you a disadvantage will bring you good a result later. Don’t be impatient to have good a result. Being involved with your relatives will bring you a good fortune.

Lucky color in March: brown


8 White Earth

Your fortune will rapidly recover in March. However, you should not go forward at full speed, but should move on, making sure of what’s going on carefully. You should take care of your words in particular. The words of the persons who have a good fortune sounds overwhelming, so you should try to talk gently and politely. Also, it is important for you to keep regular hours. It is no good to lead a lazy life or be strict with others and be easy on yourself. Please try to be bright and gentle, keeping regular hours.

Lucky color in March: blue


9 Purple Fire

Your fortune will be better than that of last month. Many people will root for persons with 9 Purple Fire, but the characters of them are various. You should make use of the differences of the people who have different ways of thinking and feelings. People with 9 Purple Fire are good at acting independently. However, you should go forward together with your peers. Getting information from the distance and cherishing your parents will raise your fortune.

Lucky color in March: green


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