Kigaku-International Fortune Telling: July 2022UPDATE:2022.7.5

Nine Star Ki Feng Shui, Fortune Telling for July 2022. Use the fortune of your star for your daily guidance.

Find out your Star

Ki Chart

First, find out your star by checking the chart to the right. Go to your birth year and  find out your Ki number, then see the bottom chart to find the corresponding Star. That is your star.
Keep in mind that Nine Star Ki uses the Chinese solar calendar in which the spring season begins around February 4. Therefore, people who were born in the period from January 1 to the first day of spring (February 4) are considered to have a star of the previous year.

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Each star’s characteristics

Overall fortune in July 2022

In July, the trend of the world will greatly change. The world will be unstable, and more and more people will feel uneasy. The uneasiness may discourage you, but if you focus on your task at hand, you will feel motivated.
The change in the world will be the mainstream going forward, so you should act with a strong belief. Having said that, however, you should not lose your mild smile.


1White Water

You will have emotional ups and downs this month. You can keep calm by utilizing beauty such as watching beautiful things, doing beauty care, and using beautiful things. You will have a clear head this month, so you should use your brain much. It will be helpful to deeply study what you are interested in.
Please note that you should not lose your attention until you finish something. Be careful not to lose your temper at the last moment.

Lucky color in July : red, purple


2Black Earth

Your fortune will be the lowest in the year this month. It is likely that you will have uneasiness or hesitation, and verbal communication troubles about messaging. Since you may have difficulties and upset your health, feeling depressed, you should not push yourself hard.

Lucky color in July : white, black, gray


3 Blue Wood

You will regain energy and vitality this month. You will want to try many things this month, but moving forward slowly and having kindness are important in July. If you have something you want to try, you should consult with someone. And if you want something, you should obtain permission from your family members. Act cautiously instead of leaping into actions.
It is also good to deepen the relationship with your mother. If your mother is in need, you should help her without hesitation. When you do so, you should contact her with kind words and attitude.

Lucky color in July : brown


4 Green Wood

You will feel bright and your physical strength and energy will be raised this month. However, people with 4 Green Wood tend to hesitate when they step forward. If you hesitate, you will miss a good chance, so you should actively work on what you want to do and you should do.
Don’t forget to give consideration to your family and subordinates even if you are busy. If you provide something, you will receive a return. You should circulate your actual benefit, kindness, love, smile, etc.

Lucky color in July : blue


5 Yellow Earth

This month will bring you growth. To make the best of this tendency of growth, you should set a goal. If you are aware of your goal by posting printed your goal or expressing it in words, the power of your growth will be strengthened.
In addition, it is also important to eliminate your uneasiness. You are likely to realize what you want this month, so you should feel relieved. It is also important to please people around you. If you rack your brain to make them happy, your uneasiness will be eliminated.

Lucky color in July : green


6 White Metal

This month will be a period of mental dialogue for you. You should talk to yourself to develop your inner growth instead of going forward. Please check the progress of achieving your goal, and if the progress is fast, you should set a higher goal, and if your progress is slow, you should check the cause. It would be good to consult with people around you about the cause.
You might be frustrated because of the slow progress, but you shouldn’t complain about that. If you take care of others rather than yourself, that will bring you inner growth. If you are about to vent your frustration, you should leave the site quickly.

Lucky color in July : yellow


7 Red Metal

You should put priority on working on requests from your superiors, late middle-aged men, and your father. You may not feel uplifted about doing that, but it will be a good chance for your development. Take the chance without missing it. In addition, you will work on a tough problem that has been left unattended for a long time. You might feel you want to solve it quickly, but you should take all necessary procedures instead of making a decision on your own to avoid future troubles.
You should be careful not to get hurt or misspeak in the dusk of the evening.

Lucky color in July : gold, silver


8 White Earth

This month will bring you a lot of fun. To be precise, you should make yourself happy this month. Try to make yourself happy. First, you should show your gratitude to the persons who always support you with words and attitude. Treating someone will bring you good fortune, so it will be good for you to give someone a present or make a donation. Some people might lose some money, but it is part of your treating, so try to believe it will bring you good fortune.

Lucky color in July : pink, orange


9 Purple Fire

You will enter the period of self-reform. Something unhappy will happen. Things that are supposed to end will relentlessly stop beyond your will. If a thing stops, you should consider how you should reform yourself. If you want to consult with someone, you should talk to your family members. The eldest son and your mother will be reliable. If you feel depressed, you should go on a trip. You will find a new thing by staying away from daily life.

Lucky color in July : ivory


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