Kigaku-International Fortune Telling: September 2022UPDATE:2022.9.6

Nine Star Ki Feng Shui, Fortune Telling for September 2022. Use the fortune of your star for your daily guidance.

Find out your Star

Ki Chart

First, find out your star by checking the chart to the right. Go to your birth year and  find out your Ki number, then see the bottom chart to find the corresponding Star. That is your star.
Keep in mind that Nine Star Ki uses the Chinese solar calendar in which the spring season begins around February 4. Therefore, people who were born in the period from January 1 to the first day of spring (February 4) are considered to have a star of the previous year.

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Each star’s characteristics

Overall fortune in September 2022


September will be a month when you are likely to have self-centered ideas. It will be an important month to determine whether you will explode your discontent and make a vicious circle or discipline yourself and make a good circle. Justice is important, but you shouldn’t impose that on others. You cannot change other people’s thinking, but you can learn from others. You should see other people’s behaviors and actively imitate their good parts.
If you are tired, you should hang out with your family and friends, and have a lot of fun.


1White Water

Your fortune will gradually improve, and more people will gather around you this month. Even if you receive bothering worries from others, you should respond to them gently. As you take their worries and requests, you will make friends with them. People from 1 White Water can strengthen their fortune best by getting along with others, so you should willingly listen to their worries. However, you need to be careful about those who come late.
This year will be a year to start new things for you. Please reconfirm your goal and role to pave a new path.

Lucky color in September : brown


2Black Earth

Since you will get more chances to play active roles on center stage this month, you should try what you want to do following your curiosity without feeling daunted. Even if things don’t go well, what you tried will be your precious experience and make people from 2 Black Earth matured. However, if you neglect what you should do, your good chance will be lost.
It is expected that what you have lost will come back in September. If you see signs of revival, you should put your all into that.

Lucky color in September : blue


3 Blue Wood

You should actively challenge this month, but you had better avoid acting on arbitrarily without consultation. Rushing at your own discretion without listening to others will cause a big trouble. Things are likely to go as you wish, but be sure to move forward, keeping in step with people around you. In particular, you should not object to your superiors.
Even if you come to quit something, you should keep doing that. You will be matured, if you keep doing bothering things.

Lucky color in September : green


4 Green Wood

You should take a brief pause, and turn your energy you have released outside to the inside of you. You will be able to see how you have been supported by others by observing actions of those who are close to you. You will deeply realize that no one can live alone and the realization will nurture your mind. If you come to be nice to people around you, that’s a good sign of your growth. Try to be on the supporting side for those around you.

Lucky color in September : yellow, brown


5 Yellow Earth

Going out instead of staying at home will increase your fortune. I recommend going a long way to broaden your horizons and enjoying having meals with your family or friends. Talking with them while traveling or over meals, revealing your feelings, opening your mind, and accepting other people’s feelings will make the bond between you and them stronger.
You will get chances from your superiors, father, husband or older men. Please cherish the relationships with them.

Lucky color in September : gold, silver


6 White Metal

Politeness will be important for you this month. Don’t neglect basic things such as your routine work, keeping your promise, greetings and good manners. You should watch your words because you will have more interaction with people this month. Be considerate and speak gently. If you don’t talk with superiors politely, you will lose good chances.
Express your gratitude to those who helped you. If they are pleased, you fortune will increase. Try to build a circle of pleasure!

Lucky color in September : pink, orange


7 Red Metal

A period of your self-reform will start for 3 months from this month. Changes will start with a suspension, so you may be disappointed, feeling as if you were denied. However, everything is guided by divine. If things around you are suspended, that’s the sign of the beginning of your self-reform. When things are suspended all of a sudden, you might get upset, but try to utilize your spare time without having anxiety. If you study in the spare time, you will be able to see what you couldn’t see before and feel fulfilled. You will have an impressive event.

Lucky color in September : beige, ivory


8 White Earth

You will have clear mind this month, and understand what you need. See other people’s behaviors and imitate good things and don’t imitate bad things, which will be useful in your growth. If you notice something, try to take a note not to forget. You can build a good relationship with others by praising other people’s strengths. If you request other people to improve something, you should try to convey that well.
If you try to make your looks beautiful and refreshing, your fortune will increase. You should be said, “Your look wonderful!”

Lucky color in September :red, purple


9 Purple Fire

This month you will have the lowest fortune in the year. You are likely to upset your health this month, so you need to be careful of your health. If you have any trouble in human relationship or you need to fix your house, you should take it as good luck. You will be matured by solving troubles. When you apologize, ask a favor, or make a bow to people around you, and they respond to you kindly, you will feel their warmth and feel grateful to them. The order you take in the procedure and politeness are important.

Lucky color in September : white, black, gray


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